GPW Tech S.A.

GPW Tech S.A. is part of the Warsaw Stock Exchange group of companies. One of the key strategies of the WSE capital group is the development of technology and IT based solutions. GPW Tech has been established to spearhead this strategy, utilizing the know-how and expertise of the WSE. GPW Tech will develop and launch in-house tech solutions for capital markets both in Poland and globally.

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GRC by GPW Tech S.A.

GRC by GPW Tech efficiently supports the management of any organisation. The system supports automated compliance with external and internal requirements as well as risk and process management in line with the highest security standards.

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TCA by GPW Tech S.A.

Transaction Cost Analysis Tool allows you to analyse the micro and macro structures of stock exchange transactions. It provides a complete real-time overview of the investment process and highlights all implicit and explicit costs. Our tool is compliant with MIFID 2 ensuring best execution.

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Indexator by GPW Tech S.A.

A newly developed application for calculating index values and performance. The tool provides the ability to create a wide range of indexes for all types of assets as well as the possibility to create flexible index publication schedules.

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WATS by GPW Tech S.A.

Warsaw Automated Trading System, a newly developed modular trading and matching engine which offers the highest levels of reliability, flexibility and latency all within a very competitive pricing structure.

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Webinarium "Co zmieniła pandemia w podejściu do polityki...

Zapraszamy do śledzenia webinarium organizowanego przez ICAN Institute ➡ "Co zmieniła pandemia w podejściu do polityki inwestycyjnej w gospodarce światowej?", które poprowadzi Witold Wilinski, Prezes GPWTech

Panel dyskusyjny "Rozwój branży IT w obliczu zmian...

Jak wygląda rozwój branży IT w obliczu zmian makroekonomicznych wywołanych pandemią.

IT Landscape Report - live launch session featuring Pawel...

Live launch session featuring Pawel Juszkiewicz, Business Development Manager, GPW Tech and several other key business leaders.