GRC by GPW Tech efficiently supports the management of any organisation. The system supports automated compliance with external and internal requirements as well as risk and process management in line with the highest security standards.

Benefits of GRC by GPW Tech

interlinked modules facilitate exchange of information and handle interdependencies
global dictionaries and integration with external knowledge repositories, data imports and exports
structured repository of key regulations for issuers, lists of risks and KRIs, developed by GPW
document management (attachments and links)
navigation in two languages: Polish and English

GRC by GPW Tech is comprised of three separate but interlinked modules:

Governance module

Benefits of the GOVERNANCE module:

advanced scorecards
database of dictionaries supports standard process descriptions and generation of scorecards
links between processes/areas
integration with Compliance and Risk modules facilitating exchange of information (which is entered only once into the system) and multifaceted analyses
embedded scorecard updates and approvals initiated by Governance, Compliance, and Risk module users

Risk module

Benefits of the RISK module:

generating the risk universe and risk profiles based on interlinked information in the module
comprehensive selection of predefined questionnaire templates for risk identification and analysis, including control failure assessment
predefined risk management roles and structures across three lines of defence
identification of critical processes and resources key to business continuity and information security
predefined workflows including risk and operational event logs, business continuity requirements and solutions

Compliance module

Benefits of the COMPLIANCE module:

generating the compliance universe based on processes, regulatory areas, user products and services
tagging selected compliance areas (#GDPR, #MIFID, #MAR)
inherent and residual compliance risk assessment based on user-selected assessment scale, criteria, and participants
compliance risk dynamic heat maps generated for a process, area, product or service
managing recommendations and action plans in compliance risk areas
generating and exporting rapid reports for the management board, the supervisory board, local and foreign regulators
compliance with PFSA Recommendation H